Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Business Week Forums

I need to stop reading BWeek forums... Dear Sandy Bah ! I have a 720 , 730, 740 .....should I take my GMAT again.. Dear Linda I have a 3.99999999 GPA what are my chances.. These posts are giving me a complex... !! ..... *** That ! ..... I am not reading this anymore !! .... (I know i will be tempted to)

I thought I was done ! But boy was I wrong :)

I really thought I was done with my Kellogg and Wharton Essays and started HBS. Then I look back ..Boy was I wrong ! ...Looks like there is a lot more to be said ...and corrected.

I guess I thought I'd start

It seems like forever, I have been working on my MBA essays .... Dont' know where truth becomes creativity and creativity becomes exaggeration ! The goal is stop before I exaggerate too much :)